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Where Does My State’s Auto Insurance Rates Rank?

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October 17, 2019

If you’ve ever insured a teenage boy, you know how painful auto insurance deductibles and premiums can be. One Central Indiana man believed statistics about teen drivers, so his daughters drove “tanks” (old cars with massive front-ends) for several years after getting their licenses.

Sure enough, both girls had wrecks within 6 months of on-the-road driving and both survived. So did the “tanks.”

When it comes to protecting your family, auto insurance is priceless, no matter how much it costs. The cost of your auto insurance is based on many personal and geographic factors.

Factors Affecting Car Insurance

Collision coverage pays for vehicle damage caused by crashes, while comprehensive coverage pays for…damage such as theft or flood. ­

The Insurance Information Institute ( says everything from where you park your car to your driving record impacts what you pay for car insurance. There’s also comprehensive vs. collision. If you have an outstanding loan on the car, comprehensive insurance is mandatory.

  • Age – Your age (not the car’s) impacts your car insurance rates. (Actually, the car’s age does, too.) Mature drivers have fewer accidents. Very old and very young drivers are more likely to have fender-benders.
  • Credit-based insurance score – This is a statistic reflecting the likelihood of you filing a claim and the approximate cost of that claim.
  • Driving history – If you’ve had accidents or traffic tickets, you’ll pay more than other drivers. If you’re a new driver, even with a clean slate you’ll pay more for car insurance.
  • Gender – Women are better drivers. There are exceptions to every rule, but statistically, they get into fewer accidents, get fewer DUIs (driving under the influence), and when they do have accidents, the accidents themselves are usually less serious than men’s.
  • How often you drive – Used car salespeople love to say: “This car was driven to church just once a week by a little old lady.” Auto insurance rates are similar. If you only putter around your small town, you might have lower rates. If you’re a road warrior, your accident odds increase commensurate with your commute.
  • Type of car – The likelihood of theft depends on the type of car you drive. Also, the cost of repairs (Toyotas are among the least to repair, BMWs are among the most expensive.) The safety add-ons you opt for could lower your premiums.

…And finally, the cost of your car insurance is based on location. Do you live in a rural area or The Big Apple? Do you live in California or Oklahoma?

Location, Location, Location: Car Insurance by State

According to the 2019 State of Auto Insurance Report…residents of Michigan endure the highest car insurance rates in the nation at an average of $2,693 per year. Forbes

Car insurance rates are higher than they’ve ever been, but the State of Michigan is fighting back. In May 2019, Michigan legislature passed a bill to cut auto insurance premiums. The Zebra State of Auto Insurance 2019 report analyzes more than 61 million car insurance rates.

Here are the annual rates by state:

  • Alabama $1,387
  • Alaska $1,198
  • Arizona $1,295
  • Arkansas $1,496
  • California $1,815
  • Colorado $1,682
  • Connecticut $1,550
  • Delaware $1,828
  • District of Columbia $1,496
  • Florida $2,059
  • Georgia $1,547
  • Hawaii $1,081
  • Idaho $1,018
  • Illinois $1,222
  • Indiana $1,150
  • Iowa $988
  • Kansas $1,476
  • Kentucky $1,898
  • Louisiana $2,339
  • Maine $896
  • Maryland $1,327
  • Massachusetts $1,277
  • Michigan $2,693
  • Minnesota $1,288
  • Mississippi $1,537
  • Missouri $1,410
  • Montana $1,387
  • Nebraska $1,284
  • Nevada $1,915
  • New Hampshire $1,105
  • New Jersey $1,671
  • New Mexico $1,352
  • New York $1,688
  • North Carolina $947
  • North Dakota $1,325
  • Ohio $1,032
  • Oklahoma $1,560
  • Oregon $1,393
  • Pennsylvania $1,390
  • Rhode Island $2,110
  • South Carolina $1,369
  • South Dakota $1,342
  • Tennessee $1,427
  • Texas $1,827
  • Utah $1,209
  • Vermont $1,075
  • Virginia $918
  • Washington $1,205
  • West Virginia $1,420
  • Wisconsin $1,070
  • Wyoming $1,375

The five states with the highest average annual premiums are:

  1. Michigan
  2. Louisiana
  3. Rhode Island
  4. Florida
  5. Nevada

If you live in one of these 5 cities, you’re paying even higher annual premiums:

  1. Detroit, MI: $5,464
  2. New Orleans, LA: $3,686
  3. Hialeah, FL: $2,913
  4. Miami, FL: $2,913
  5. New York, NY: $2,814

Residents pay the lowest average annual premiums for auto insurance in these states:

  1. Maine
  2. Virginia
  3. North Carolina
  4. Iowa
  5. Idaho

If you live in one of these 5 cities; you’re paying lower annual premiums:

  1. Winston-Salem, NC: $846
  2. Boise, ID: $913
  3. Greensboro, NC: $936
  4. Raleigh, NC: $948
  5. Durham, NC: $951

You Have Car Insurance Choices

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